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Absens - Absence with sensitivity

Absens is an absence management programme and confidential phoneline, ensuring the proper and effective handling of employee absenteeism through ill health.

The service provides the necessary support to both employer and employee whilst maintaining patient confidentiality and includes:

  • 24 hour staff absence management.
  • First point of call for employees.
  • Access by line managers to absence statistics.
  • Immediate email/text to managers to inform of employee absence.
  • Management of all workplace absence records.
  • Advice on length of absence from work.
  • Referral to occupational health when required.
  • Direct, early access to occupational health referral.
  • Employee referral to GP if required.
  • Statistical absenteeism summaries as requested or quarterly.
  • Assistance with pro-active healthcare management to reduce absenteeism.
  • On-site assessments if necessary for pro-active health management.

Contact Absens for further information.
Absens' absence monitoring can also be included in an existing Company Health medical plan.

Employees should call the absens health number as soon as they know they are going to be absent from work. They must also call this number if they have had an accident at work which resulted in an injury.
All medical information involved in this absence monitoring programme is protected under the Data Protection Act.
Nurses may telephone the employee during absence to ensure good advice and treatment is being provided and to update the employer regarding the plan to return to work.
It may be necessary for the employee to see an Occupational Health Physician prior to their return, to ensure no changes are to be made to the workplace or job design.

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